mulberry silk scrunchie


Why pregnant women use silk hair scrunchies?

May Zheng

For pregnant women, prepare babies born products and daily life products are very important. But most important is take care of themself and baby. Pregnancy cause hair loss, so they need a friendly hair ties for daily life. Consider of this, I think silk scrunchies can be your products line. Pregnancy cause body changes, it is the main reason many yong people afraid of married and pregnant. we need care about mommy and baby in same time, or keep more eyes on mommy. Hair loss is the obviously changes in daily life. Silk scrunchies can not be like medicine, make hair recover as good before. But silk scrunchies never make your hair loss, and absorb nutrient from hair, never twist your hair.  

Feed Silkworms

May Zheng

In China, each year have 2 or 3 times to feed silkworms to get fine quality mulberry silk cocoons based on different climate.Silkworms Eggs:Like each year near May, 1st, we receive several bags silkworms eggs. One bag have 25,000 pcs silk worms.When get silkworms,we need put them to the place...

How many kinds of Silkworms?What is Mulberry Silk fabric?

May Zheng

Bombyx mori are insects of the order Lepidoptera. Bombyx mori are the main source of raw materials for silk. Bombyx mori are divided into silkworms and wild silkworms. The Silkworm eat mulberry tree's leaves, the cocoons we called mulberry silk cocoons. This mulberry silk fiber can be made silk conforter...

How to produce silk products?

May Zheng

About company, please read about us.Here, we show you how we produce silk products for your orders.When production team receive order requests, they will check and work out production details to warehouse and accessoriess team. Once fabric and accessories all are ready, they will arrange stitching, cutting thread, inspection, ironing...