The best silk hair scrunchie

The best silk hair scrunchies must have nice color and shape, both you all love.

As silk scrunchie manufacturer, can you tell consumers which is best silk scrunchies for hair, which scrunchies silk good for hair?

Of course. As a silk factory, we think the best silk scrunchie must fina quality silk fabric, excelent stitching and durable elastic band. About choose which style hair silk scrunchies, sweeties, look your today style. which style which color can make your style more attractive, then you choose that one. Silk scrunchie benefits never increase or decrease because use lot fabric or not. Different styles only suitable for different garment style.

If you a buyer which is for your store/brand, how do you choose the silk scrunchies for hair?
1st step is check your brand postion and budget.
If the budget is limited, i suggest you choose one style with multi colors for trial sale. If everything going very well, then add more styles. Like you can choose the style from our big silk hair scrunchies, Medium Silk scrunchies, silk hair scrunchies small and mini silk hair scrunchies.

Mini Silk Scrunchies

100 silk hair scrunchies made by Grade 6A Pure Silk fabric. With Fine quality silk fabric, nice stitching and cutting. Stock more than 90colors all for your choice and without Minimum.

Large Silk Scruncnhies
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