Competitive Skinny Silk Scrunchies price

You may want to know why other silk scrunchies shop can sale lower silk scrunchy price? why they can get more competitve hair silk scrunchies price?

Actually, 100% mulbery silk scrunchie price are similar if quantity similar and quality same. the different is the shipping cost. If all silk mulberry scrunchy packed into box and shipping to you, shipping cost will be increased, silk scrunchies pack hair unit price will be increased.

If packed into below bag, around 250pieces per bag, one carton can packed 3000pieces mini scrunchies silk. 

You may still want silk scrunchy packed into box?

that is ok, flat package shipping to you, you arrange fold and packed hair scrunchies silk into also save money.

More same money methods, please contact us.

find our wholesale silk scrunnhies price here.

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