Feed Silkworms

In China, each year have 2 or 3 times to feed silkworms to get fine quality mulberry silk cocoons based on different climate.
Silkworms Eggs:
Like each year near May, 1st, we receive several bags silkworms eggs. One bag have 25,000 pcs silk worms.When get silkworms,we need put them to the place which do not have any smells and keep temperature in 20 degree and 25 degree,keep clean and humidity(not very dry). Then silkworms birth.

Baby silkworms:
When silk worms just birth,just like baby,we need use very fresh and delicate mulberry leaves, cut it very small, make it easily to bite.

Adult Silkworms:
After 2rd ecdysis,silkworms start eat lots of leaves,one day,need 3-4 times.Keep their living place clean,otherwise,they will sick.If one silkworm sick,maybe all will be dying..Be carefully to take care of them.
After 5rd ecdysis,silkworms start big changes,looks like jade,it is transparents and shiny.Now preparing their new house,silkworms began to silking,be cocoons.

When you see silkworms do not eat leaves,some are already start spin silk. In thies period, care about them carefully. 1st, Even if start spin silk, some silkworms still have dying possiblity. 2nd we need select a suitable time to put cocoons frame to let silkworms get in to let finish cocoons in nice quality.

After that, We need collect cocoons into warehouse, select fine quality cocoons to arrange reeling silk fiber for mulberry silk fabric or arrange to make silk duvet filling.

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