How to understand Wholesale/Customized silk order and RTS?

First, thanks for interested in our silk products.

  • Who we are?

We are China Silk factory. SilkHome online business only one of Silk project.

What we have :

*OEM for Big Customers

*OEM for Small Wholesale

*RTS( Dropshipping)

 professional B2B team are in Charge of Big customer business. Because we got many inquires about small quantity multicolors products requests, deal with this project need spend much time to avoid mistakes, so we have professional team SilkHome, to help these friends to build their business. Recently we also got many clients messages and mails about whether we can do dropshipping or not? Because they do not want do some stocks and they are ok for long time shipping. so our team decide make RTS online.

  • How to understand Small wholesale and RTS?

Small Wholesale:

  • Customized brand logo products
  • Customized size, color and pattern.
  • Customized package
  • Customized shipping

RTS(Ready for shipping):

  • Stock Quantity, shipping within1-2 workingdays.
  • Only the size, style and colors we put on listing
  • Only china post shipping. If requests others, there need extral cost.
  • Dropshipping available

Like above we mentioned, for Small wholesales business, you can customized any products based on your requests. For RTS, you only can choose the color, size etc. which we have put on listing. RTS Advantages' are you can do dropshipping. and have stock, No waiting, just you order and we send out. and No brand informaton.

  • How you do dropshipping with us?

You just need order and write the receiver address and telephone number, then we will send out and send you tracking number.

  • For Dropshipping, Could we put our brand on products?

Not available put brand on products if you do not do stock quantity. But you can make brand hangtag in stock, we can put your brand hangtag in parcel, and send out.


Any questions, please feel free to contact us, please email to, and write your detailed requests. Sometimes, there is no reply, because we do not receive mail. please send message via online whatsapp in wesbite right bottom corner.

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