More competitive Silk Pillow case price?

As you know, all products we show on our website have wholesale price, you may ask does your silk pillowcase price can be negotiated? yes.


1) As you see, online wholesale silk pillowcase price quantity start 10pieces, price is nice from here. this price is mix color price. If per color per size quantity higher than 50pieces, price can be discussed. 


Because same size same color will save time. Same time can make more pillowcases silk, so the labor cost will be decreased, then total price can be down.


2)The price we put online plus paypal fees, you know compare with bank, the paypal fees is higher, so if pay via our company bank account, the price can be decreased.


One more question, do you know how to find our wholesale silk pillowcase price? The USD20 not wholesale price,it is 1 sample price. Please click here to find: where to find wholesale silk pillow case price?

Do you know why nice wholesale silk pillow covers price from 10pieces not 1pieces?

Because of shipping cost, 10pieces packed into 1 small carton, this quantity save shipping cost. We ship all silk products via TNT/UPS/DHL/FEDEX(not includes RTS), these shipping company have minimum parcel shipping cost, at least meet this minimum then we can save cost.

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