Mulberry Silk Pillowcase - Summer gift

Today, North China also came into, i mean hot Summer. Workers said they love summer, because summer already come, means Winter soon, then New Year... New Year holiday! haha... me too, we always can meet old friends which we can not meet in daily.

This year, Management team prepare mulberry silk pillowcases, water melons, milk and summer bonus for all teams: production teams, sales teams and management teams.

As one of sales teams, We work with Management team to finish this summer gift.
The fabric: we use mulberry silk pillow cases 19mm
Girls(<30years old) Red color: the hot years use hot color
Lady(>30years old) Beige color: Elegent years use elegent color
Man:All are use navy blue. hahaha.... we ask them which color prefer ? they said: eh.... if available, how about dark blue pillow case ? eh, i do not want wash it every day... so prefer dark color.... 90% of them choose navy blue, so finally all are navy blue silk pillow cases.

How do you think? which color you prefer?

You maybe ask you guys always said ivory( white) and black are more popular, why you guys not use?

It is because of our life customs, we never use white or black. In China, white and black means death. If you have came in China, you would know no chinese use white bed linens, no matter silk or cotton or polyester. Only death use white. Nowadays, as young guys, we know the colors can not really means something, but it is customs, in the past years, parents, teachers, classmates etc, all told you white means death, then we are used to know death is white. but for other countries, white is nature, pure.

so now, for us, for you, for wholesales or retails silk pillow cases business, we have to know our target market ,then choose suitable color for market, then we win the game.

Except white silk pillow case, which color your market prefer?
Do you the meaning of red color for Chinese?
What is your Summer or Winter gifts?

If you have answer, you can write reviews, we will contact you for free gifts.
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