mulberry silk scrunchies types

If you have read our silk scrunchies website, you would find we have 10 types of silk hair scrunchies.

If we only have that 10 styles scrunchies, how we called factory? We supply many years OEM service, so customized any style any size Silk scrunchies available. Customized always need minimum, so if quantity small, maybe we can choose from our below styles as hair silk business start:

1) Oversized Silk Scrunchies   

2) Big/large silk scrunchie

3) Middle mulberry silk scrunchies

4) Classic 100% mulbery silk scrunchie

5) Mini high quality silk scrunchies

6) Child silk mulberry scrunchy

7) Silk Scrunchies bow

8) Silk Scrunchies Bow long

9) Silk Scrunchies bunny

10) Silk Scrunchies big Bow


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