Silk Pillowcase anti wrinkles?

Silk Pillowcase anti wrinkles?

Silk Pillowcase anti wrinkles?
Mulberry Silk Pillowcase
As per silk fibers testing results, silk includes 18kinds of amino acid. These amino acid brings a lot of benefits like Hypoallergenic, anti wrinkles, anti mites etc.

Does it really?

yes, Silk Pillowcase would be a best safety and natural beauty products.
Silk fiber has good hygroscopicity and can effectively maintain skin water balance.

About anti wrinkles, it is complicated to explain why anti wrinkles from amino acids side. Simply, when your skin touch very smoothly silk fabric, the friction is very very small, so the chance to cause wrinkes is small. that is Anti wrinkles. Some one said, satin pillowcase also works, it is smooth... yes it is smooth. But It is polyester. Satin polyester pillowcase do not have silk fiber benefits. Silk Pillowcase benefits from silk fiber, not only because of smoothly surface....

Think about, you use Helena Rubinstein, Lancome, SKII etc. luxury skin products, make it on face ,and make your face touch on cotton or satin pillowcase. You always ask why? why not good like their advetisement? Sweeties,
1st, you need check your skin: does your skin pores open or be closed by much dirty things? like Skin Grease ?
2nd, have you do massage with skin products for your skin? just put on face?
3rd, does your Pillowcase or bedding absorb your skin products or your face absord your luxury skin products?

If only silk Pillowcase without good skin food, antiwrinkes very hard, only can said silk pillowcase help decrease the chance of wrinkles. If with Good skin food and good living,eating and sleeping habits, we will win.

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