Silk Pillowcase soft or hard ?

In the past years, we do have compliants about silk fabric hand feeling. Regular clients always know customized fabric can solve this question.

 Does the hard feeling silk fabric is bad??

Hard or soft silk fabric can be customized as per requests. Hard or soft use same grey cloth, same procedures. Only the hand feeling different. so why some one ask why it is hard?

The reason are:

  • hard feeling can let silk fabric more durable compare with soft.
  • easily cutting

If you already sell silk pillowcase or silk garment or any silk products, you would know care silk need carefully, very very soft silk fabric easy be damaged by any hard thing, sometime even if your nail. Consider of this, some clients requests a little bit hard fabric, some still soft, some requests very soft.

Silk fabric quality good or not, it depends on silk cocoons, silk yarns, silk grey cloth, silk dyeing and after treatment. We can not say the a little bit hard silk fabric is bad or not. only hand feeling can not decide quality. After all, both are similar after wash.

If you need very soft silk fabric, please let us know. Better send us samples, we can same quality.

If you need hard or any special requests, please also let us know.

About our regular stock silk fabric, it is soft, but not very soft.: suitable soft. 

Any questions, please let us know. We will do our best supply best products for you.


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