Silk Scrunchies help hair?

Silk Scrunchies help hair?

People always ask us does silk scrunchies really works like you guys said?

Silk scrunchies big
1) Pure Mulberry Silk Scrunchies keeps hair style?
If you use polyester or other elastic band scrunchies, you find there would have tie wrinkles when we remove elastic band. Even if you use comb, the hair style can not be recovered. Silk scrunchie works nice. Whatever which style mulberry silk scrunchies, both will protect your hair style.

2) Does silk will not damage hair?
Silk includes silk proteins, 18kinds of amino acid. These ingredients prevent it from extracting nutrients from hair. and 100 Mulberry Silk fabric Charmuse Silk are shiny ,soft and smooth. As you know, smooth cause low friction. When you remove silk ties scrucnhies, low friction will protect Hairy scales not be damaged.

3) which are best silk hair scrunchies?

The one you love is best.
There do have 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, and 25mm and 30mm silk scrucnhies in market. Which one you should take? Read below, then you can easily decide.
whatever which momme, have same silk benefits. so why take 22mm mulberry silk hair scrunchies or 30mm? mm is momme, more higher momme, silk fabric more thicker, more higher price.

Looks at your budget, choose the one you like. That is the 100 silk hair scrunchies for you.

For Store, we recommend 19mm. Nice price with durable quality.

mini silk hair scrunchies

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