Types of silk fabrics

There have many kinds of Silk fabric according to the woven methods. The normally, widely be used silk fabric are below:

1) Charmeuse Silk: it is shiny, smooth, breathable and soft silk fabric. the best fabric during silk types. Silk pillow covers, Silk eyemask, Silk scrunchies for hair and silk bedding etc silk products all are use this shiny silk fabric. People mostly only see this shiny silk fabric in the market.

2)Elastic Silk fabric: mostly elastic silk fabric are 94% silk and 6% spandex. It is shiny, smooth, breathable and soft , also elasticity. The shiny is a little bit dark than pure silk. also the Shrinkage is big. When we use it, we need consider of this. Mostly for garments.

3)Habotai :The fabric has good shading properties, good air permeability, and smoothness. The most commonly used fabrics on the market for silk bedding, hand-painted wallpapers and wiping instruments.

4)Organza: It is made of raw silk and has a firm texture. It is a transparent or translucent light yarn, a special fabric for wedding dresses. Now also use for hair scrunchies.


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