What is Mulberry Silk Cocoons ? Silk Fiber?

Silkworms spin silk, then we got silk cocoons. About How to rasie silkworms, please read this.

  • why not said silk cocoons? why said Mulberry silk cocoons?

Silkworms have home silkworms and wild silkworms. Only Home silkworms are eating mulberry silk trees' leaves, this eating Mulberry leaves silkworms can spin mulberry silk, then get silk cocoons. This cocoons are white, the silk fiber have long fiber, after treatment, the silk charmuse silk can be very shiny, soft and benefits for skin.

Mulberry Trees


  • What is Silk Fiber?

Before woven silk fabric, we need have silk fiber, How to get silk fiber? what is silk fiber?

The fine quality Silk cocoons can be reeling silk fiber. The Mulberry silk fiber comes from mulberry silk cocoons.

Reeling Silk from silk cocoons

Before Reeling silk, we need:

  • Dry cocoons
  • Select fine cocoons
  • Boil Silk cocoons
  • Reeling silk
  • Dry Silk Fiber

  • How to woven Silk Fabric? the colors silk fabric?

After get the fine quality silk fiber, we need sort out silk fiber/yarns,coronation and stereotypes,then woven fabric,now we get grey cloth.

After dying and after treatment,grey cloth will be the shiny silk fabric.

Then we cut, stitching, inspection and packing, then we have fine quality silk products for you.


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