Which Mini Silk Scrunchies is best?

Which Mini Silk Scrunchies is best?

Many Buyers ask us why does your factory do not have this style (Left)scrunchies? We always answer that we only use the highest quality silk fabric make highest quality silk scrunchies(Right).

You may ask how? how promised that you use high quality?

People buy silk scrunchies, the obviously reason is silk hair scrucnhies doesn't lose your hair. Never stretch your hair. It is real feeling that the consumer can feel even if you use it one day.

Because the right one are more smoothly, even if your hair are very messy, you ties it useing smooth scrunchies, it is also ok. For short hair girls, the left unsmoothly one still ok. Long hair or Curly hair girls need smoothly one.

Today we talk why and why curly hair girls or long hair girls need the high quality one.

Study photo, you can obviously see left and right one, the looks are different. Left is other factory, Right is our factory.

1) fabric: Both are real silk fabric.

Here need clear one thing that whatever 19momme or 22momme, silk benefits are same. The different is how durable they are. More higher momme, more thicker, more durable.

2)Silk Shinny & Wrinkles & ​Smooth
Waste silk fabric are the fabric from cut pillowcase. Mostly the balance fabric are narrow, can not do others, but if do scrunchies, size available. For sample, it is ok. but for bulk, you can see each one looks different. because size are not same and direction is a problem. That is why Left scrunhies price less, because it use waste fabric.

Because of useing fabric direction are different, so the rRght one looks more shiny. and the wrinkles all bulk are similar, or we can say same.w hever how many you order, all scrucnhies looks same. size, shiny and shape, all are same.

The Right one: We cut fabric from fabric rolls, the finish high quality silk fabric. so the scrunchies have silk shinny. and cut from correct direction can let silk scrunchie still smooth, so the wrinkles also same.

so the Right one Silk hair Scrunchies are more Smoothly. This smoothly one never stretch hair or lose hair. The left one somtimes still stretch hair and lose hair. This is the real feeling we have when we test silk scrunchie.

If you do not mind, please test by yourself and email us your feeling. Much appreciated for any comments.

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