Stock Color Sheet (Free Color Swatches)

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As a Silk Factory, we have Regular color stock silk fabric for pillowcase, sleep mask, scrunchies, bonnet and bedding. Quality are:

  • 100 Mulberry Silk fabric 16 momme Grade 6A
  • 100 Mulberry Silk fabric 19 momme Grade 6A
  • 100 Mulberry Silk fabric 22 momme Grade 6A
  • 100 Mulberry Silk fabric 25 momme Grade 6A
  • 100 Mulberry Silk fabric 30 momme Grade 6A

About each quality detailed color sheet, please check photo listing. 16mm basic quality, 19 momme are best widely used quality, so 19 momme have 90colors stock fabric. 22momme, 25 momme and 30momme only have parts of color sheet. (each products photos listing also have colors sheet, you also check color there.)

Stock color sheet:

  • 16momme fabric:  full set 90 colors
  • 19momme fabric:  full set 90 color
  • 22momme fabric:  part of colors
  • 25momme fabric:  white and black
  • 30momme fabric:  part of colors

If need the color on color sheets, but 22mm, 25mm and 30mm, do not have regular stock fabric, you can requests customized color. Customized this color sheets' color, requests minimum. For example, if do 50*75cm pillowcase, quantity per color meet 50pieces available customized color.

Except stock colors sheet colors, customized any color available. Please send color swatches to us or mentioned Pantone TPX number. Customized color have minimum, per color minimum not less than 200pieces if do 50*75cm pillowcase.

Full sets color sheet cost USD30/set.

We supply 3 to 5 colors swatches or Quality fabric(10*10cm) samples for free, please kindly contact us to send your detailed requests or contact us to get more clear color E-catalog.( Please noted color swatches are free, shipping cost in your side.)

Notes: If you need Superior Shiny Silk fabric samples or Silver Ion silk fabric swatches, please let us know.