22mm Silk Eyemask

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  • Fabric: 100 mulberry silk fabric durable 22momme- Grade 6A Silk 
  • workmanship: elastic band, piping color same with body fabric
  • Size: 9×21cm  & 11×22cm
  • Double side pure silk fabric & 100% Mulberry Silk fiber filling inside
  • packed in Free OPP bag ( no brand stickers)
  • Shipping

If you directly order online without contact us or mark any requests, we will send products as above information. Any speacial requests ,please contact us.


  • Wholesale 22mm Silk Sleep Mask, 1piece start

You can find Sleep Mask wholesale price in this page. Wholesale price excludes shipping cost and  any accessories, only Sleep mask. Online Wholesale Price are mix color price, if quantity like per color 500pcs or more, price can be negoicated.

  • Color: Check the photos listing, you can see 22 momme fabric stock colors. All Stock Colors, No Minimum. You can do any quantity you currently need. If need the color on color sheet, but do not have fabric, you can requests customized color. Customized this color sheet color, requests minimum. For example, if do 50*75cm pillowcase, quantity per color meet 50pieces available customized color. If need other size, please contact us to confirm minimum Quantity. For Sleep mask, if you order 22 momme silk pillowcase, do not need worried minimum, please just contact us to mentioned your detailed requests, we will work for you.
  • Custom Brand tag: Whatever do single color brand label or brand label background color same with scrunchies, both available for production. Only, If consider of cost, single color can save cost. The Best save cost way is do hantag to fit all products. Any questions just contact us.
  • Custom Logo Embroidery: 50pieces per color per size. Please send your logo to show us to confirm your logo available for embroidery.

Care & Tips:

  • If no special requests ,please order directly and mark each color quantity.
  • How to wash silk? Please read wash instruction.
  • Which momme silk fabric we should take? Please read
  • Satin is silk? No, Satin is 100 polyester. Silk fabric testing method.
  • ALL wholesale price not includes shipping cost

Why does people need wear 22momme Silk Sleep Mask?

Silk Sleep Mask create a good sleep environment, can cover the light irradiation on the eyes, eliminate interference, so that you have a comfortable, quiet sleep. Enjoy sleep anytime and anywhere, whether it is at home, in a hotel or on the plane. Sleep Mask 22 momme Durable than 19momme.