30mm Silk Pillowcase Zip King


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King: 51×91cm 20×36inches

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    wholesale silk pillowcaseswholesale silk pillowcases

    wholesale silk pillowcaseswholesale silk pillowcaseswholesale silk pillowcaseswholesale silk pillowcases

    Why & how we do silk pillowcase wholesale?

    Our OEM sales team received much inquiries about small order wholesale and customized small order. then build our team to start small order service.

    How do we do mulberry silk pillowcase wholesale?

    • All online listing available for small orders.
    • Find wholesale price on each listing.
    • Find color you like
    • Tell us your requests
    • help you solve all questions of custom silk pillowcase/ wholesale silk pillowcase
    • Help solve shipping issues


    Why select 30 momme silk pillowcase?

    100% Mulberry silk pillow cases Grade 6A
    Super soft and comfortable, Have all silk fabric benefits
    Competitive price, the best widely used & best seller quality
    30 momme silk pillowcase is top luxury silk pillowcase.

    Why order silk pillowcase from our factory?

    Only use 100% mulberry silk Grade high quality fabric.
    Custom silk pillow cases low minimum and multi color in stock.
    1 piece wholesale silk pillowcase, any quantity available production.
    White color Queen silk pillow case as regular stock, order this pillowcase, ship out 3 working days.
    Professional production team - Fast sample & lead time-custom any size available.
    Professional sales service team - Great Service.
    Old OEM factory- help you understand silk market.

    Are silk pillowcases really better for skin?

    30 momme silk pillowcase is the top luxurious mulberry silk pillowcase.
    The natural fibers in luxury silk pillow case are hypoallergenic, while still being highly breathable. Silk makes for a more restful sleep with benefits that last all day.

    Mulberry silk pillowcases can help you enjoy a real good night's sleep! Discover the benefits of silk pillowcases for your bedtime routine! Smooth, breathable, and hypoallergenic, our 100% pure silk is crafted from the finest Mulberry silk thread.

    Silk helps temperature regulation and reduces perspiration so you don't wake up with a wet pillowcase or skin. It also helps to regulate skin moisture levels and helps irritations such as acne. Real Silk Pillowcases is breathable, hypoallergenic and perfect for people with sensitive skin or sleep conditions. Silk is also nature's best insect repellent! It offers a luxurious sleep experience which is gentle on your skin, and it helps to prevent wrinkles and premature aging. Wake up feeling refreshed and beautiful every day! Our 100 silk pillowcases will put on any type of pillow in seconds.

    Silk or Satin pillowcase VS Vegan Silk VS Real Silk

    From factory side, there doesn't have satin silk or Vegan silk. Factory only have 100% mulberry silk which called silk simply. Whatever satin silk or vegan silk, both are not real silk. Satin silk actually are polyester, satin is a kinds of woven fabric method. Satin polyester fabric surface also looks shiny. If you put silk and satin polyester together, you will find satin polyester shiny looks cheap. Vegan silk is bamboo or Tencel fabric. Bamboo and Tencel fabric, 1st fabric touch filling is cold feeling, its touch feeling like silk. But All silk fabric benefits are from silk fiber. so satin polyester or bamboo or Tencel fabric do not have silk benefits. Totally different. If you want test silk fabric, please click to get details.

    16 momme vs 19 momme vs 22 momme vs 25 momme vs 30 momme silk pillowcase

    Made with charmeuse weave makes silk fabric shiny, soft and luxury. Generally, for silk pillowcase, we have 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm silk fabric. Momme is mm. It is silk fabric quality. More higher momme, more luxury, more silk yarns be used, fabric more thicker, price more higher. But not means more silk benefits. Based on market, 19 momme and 22 momme are best widely used, then 25 momme, 16 momme, 30 momme. Take which momme for your consumers depends on your market and competitor.

    • Hand Wash under 30℃

    Natural Silk fiber’s main ingredient is silk protein. Washing should not be rubbed in rough articles and washed with washing machine.Recommend Hand wash under 30℃

    • Mild Cleaning Agents

    Pure Mulberry silk fabric is natural fiber, it is silk protein, and the protein is dissolved in an alkaline solution. NEVER USE Soap.

    • Hanging to dry without directly sunshine

    Never Twist to dry.
    ONLY hang in the shade to dry.
    Directly under sunshine to make fabric looks a little bit yellow because of ultraviolet ray.

    • Do Not Use Bleaches

    Pure Mulberry silk fabric is natural fiber, it is silk protein, and the protein is dissolved in an alkaline solution. NEVER USE Soap.

    • Rinse with a few drops of vinegar

    Vinegar will keep silk color looks good,soft and shiny.

    a few drops of vinegar in clean water, mix well, rinse pillowcase or soak for 10 minutes

    Noted:wash silk eyemask/duvet not with vinegar.

    • Do Not Tumble Dry 
    • Cold Iron As Needed

    The pillowcase is dried to 70% dry for direct ironing, and the temperature of the iron can be controlled between 160-180. The temperature of the iron on the damp cloth is about 200-220.

    • Wash Separately with deep color

    As Silk is natural fiber,the color fastness not  good like polyester,especially deep color.Silk deep color always have color fastness problems.So NEVER wash light and deep color together.

    • Machine wash with laundry bag available for 25mm and 30mm silk products

     25mm and 30mm silk fabric are very very durable,and fabric more thicker,available for Machine wash with laundry bag,but we still do not recommend as hard wash will make fabric color looks not good.If do not mind,that is fine.



    Please NOTED that we are not Robot, we are real person, real factory, real team, do custom products service for you. Any questions, please send Email or click online whatsapp service.

    Production time:

    • Sample order need 3-5 working days. maybe faster.
    • All order proceeding time need 10-45days ,for detailes as per order quantity. 
    • All stock fabric order with brand label requests need 15-20days around as label need 10days around.


    • All Orders includes samples order/small wholesale order or customized order) shipping by fast Shipping via DHL/UPS/TNT/FEDEX.

            (There do have cheapest shipping via china post e-parce. but parcel easily lost and takes long time around 15 to 90days. so currently only have fast shipping. )

    • Shipping cost as per package, free flat package or silk pouch shipping cost is lower than gift box. As box package size is big, shipping volume weight is big, so cost is higher. In my opinoin, if you need small quantity, consider of cost, we recommend free package or silk pouch ,then you buy box in local, in this case, will much save your cost.
    • If you order big quantity or customized package like box, please contact us to get quotes and shipping cost. Kindly rememeber send mail with detailed requests.
    • Shipping time need 7-10working days. Some place ,because of COVID-19, maybe time longer, it depends on where are you from and local government policy and shipping company shipping status.

     For bulk quantity, sometimes online shipping cost not correct. if not right, we will contact you when receive orders.

    • About Import Duty

    Based on each country import policy, some country must have import duty even if a sample order. some country are not. Based on this, please read below.

    All online price are EXW price, only products price, not includes shipping or buyer import duty. so there maybe have import duty when parcel arrive local courier center and do customs clearence. If there have, courier company would contact you for import duty before delivery. If do not have, you only need wait for parcel arrive. In this case. Please confirm your phone number is correct, if parcel long time can not arrange delivery, parcel will be return or be destoryed by local customs.

    Please NOTED we do not in charge of any import duty, so if parcel return or be destoryed by customs, we will not payment return.

    Any questions, please contact us.


    Return & Exchange

    • All Orders, Please kindly check item decriptions carefully or email us or talk via online whatsapp online service to confirm your requests.
    • All Wholesale products / Customized products order, Not Quality Issues, Not accept return.
    • Once start production, Not accept change workmanship or color.

    Our target is Supply Best Quality Silk Products for you and help you save money. Before production, Any questions please feel free to contact us. Let's talk more to avoid mistakes.

    wholesale silk pillowcase