2023 Updated Service

Silk scrunchies wholesale

1) Finish Products in Stock
Our sales team choose the part colors of each silk products as our regular finish products in stock, all based on our sales team datas, all are popular in market.
This missions are help the wholesale clients solve budget, small trial order and fast turn around issues.

2) Photo Service
All online silk products photos available for your free.
Please contact us request original file.

3) Dropshipping Service

4) Cheap shipping method
Consider of sample / small tiral order shipping cost, and clients do need time trust us before be our regular clients, and before that, there need control budeget as small as it is. We recover sample order or small trial order cheap shipping service.

5) Silk Duvet & Pillow customized
2023, We supply silk filled duvet & Pillow customized service.

6) Silk Pajams customized
2023, we supply silk pajamas customized, totally customized as per your idea.
Tips: Stock style silk pajamas website coming soon.

7) Wholesale Price
Online wholesale price are mix color price.
The mix color means If order 100piece, whatever how many colors you need, that is available production.
If per color quantity large, price can be negociated.

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