Label VS Embroidery

Build own brand products always need add brand logo on Silk pillowcase/Silk Eyemask/silk bonnet/Silk headband/Silk Scrunchies etc. so what we should do?

Logo on products, generally, we have methods :

  • Brand label(Woven or printing)

If Qunantity small, we suggest brand label on producrs to save cost. Brand label cost ,please click here to check.

  • Logo embroidery

If per color Qunantity higher than 50pieces, logo embroidery is available. Please noted that if requests logo embroidery products price, please send logo and products requests to requests price. online wholesale price not includes embroidery. mostly only pillowcase or eyemask need embroidery

  • Coin

generally only for scrunchies, minimum 1000 to 2000pieces per size. If scrunchies quanity large, with coin looks more nice than brand label.

  • hangtag

if package need extral information, we can print on hangtag. mostly only for scrunchies. 


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