Quality of Silk

When you point this page, i guess you are so confused about Silk fabric quality. Everyone said our quality is 100 mulberry silk fabric grade 6A in 19mm/22mm/25mm/30mm, when you get samples or bulk orders, you feel ..eh.. what ? 

Silk fabric grade means silk fiber quality. Before woven fabric, we need choose finest quality silk fiber to woven fabric. The finest quality almost no damages, and finish products are very nice than other grade. The finest silk fabric need have finest silk fabric, woven techique and fabric after treatment etc. Not only silk fiber can decide finish fabric quality.

so when you ask silk fabric, maybe check samples first, the bad quality of the silk fabric shiny looks cheapest, looks like satin polyester.

We, SILKHOME only choose finest silk fiber ,woven great silk fabric grey cloth, then do many colors stock fabric for your choice.


Someone also want to know why some silk fabric looks very very shiny ? some are not? both pure silk fabric ?

yes, Both are Pure silk fabric like some brand you know. why their silk fabric very shiny. The after treatment methods are different.

The very shiny one after treatment cost more expensive. Same meters cost more time and space. that is why cost expensive.

The normal great quality one is normal dyeing methods.Normal great silk fabric quality, it is also very very nice, soft and shiny.

No much differents ?

yes, except shiny no differents. and after washing, both have same fabric shiny.

No more silk benefits.

and why some photos looks very shiny some not ? Check your Camera and you may need learn Photoshop or find someone for help.


What is the best silk products ?

 The best silk products need includes"

* Finest Silk fiber

*Fine silk fabric woven way to make great silk grey cloth

*Doing great fabric after treatment for each  color

*Finest fabric quality checking before cutting

*Great fabric stitching, ironing and packing 

Lost any procedures, the finish products will not good enough.



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