• Does all silk products real silk?

Yes, All Our Silk products online are 100% Mulberry Silk.In Market, some one use satin polyester but mark pure silk, it is totaly wrong and bad. If you are interested in what you have, here is method for you to help you to know what you have: Real Silk or Satin polyester. Please click here.

  • Could we know what is Mulberry Silk? 

Silk fabric comes from silk cocoons. The different silkworms eat different leaves will be different cocoons. The silkworms eat Mulberry trees' leaves, the cocoons called mulberry cocoons.There also have Antheraea pernyi etc silk cocoons.

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  • Why we need pay money to buy silk products like silk pillowcase or silk scrunchies? the silk benefits?

Silk is a continuous long fiber formed by the solidification of silk liquid secreted by mature silkworms when they form cocoons. It is also called natural silk and is a kind of natural fiber. Mulberry silk is mainly composed of animal protein, rich in 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body.

Silk is breathable so it wicks away the moisture from sweat, keeping a person cool and comfortable. It is also a naturally draping fabric that gently hugs the body, eliminating air pockets and thereby holding in body heat better which will keep a person warm in the winter. It is a self adjusting fabric that seems almost magical.

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  • How do your guys feed silkworms to be silk cocoons?

China have thousands years experiences about how to feed silkworms.

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  • How do your guys make silk cocoons to be silk fiber? and silk fabric?

From silk cocoons to silk fiber, there have some steps: select cocoons, dry cocoons, boil cocoons, reeling silk, silk fiber dried etc.

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  • How do your guys produce silk products? Does your company are real factory?

Yes, We are real factory, SilkHome is one of our online wholesale team. Before cutting silk fabric, we need inspect silk fabric, then cut. The stitching, cut thread and inspection, ironing, inspection, packing etc.

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  • How to wash silk products?

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