Silk Fabric ? which is best?

Now there is a very interesting phenomenon that many people think that 22mm or 25mm pure silk fabric is the best, 19mm is very poor quality. Hard feeling silk fabric is poor, very soft one is best ? really?

Before we talk about silk fabric quality, first, let's clear that we have 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm pure silk fabric for silk pillowcases. As you know, more higher momme, more higher quality, more yarns, more thicker, more durable. of course, more silk yarns, more higher price.

mm is momme ,silk fabric quality, it is standard silk fabric unit. 1momme equal around 4.3056g/m2. so
16mm around 68 to 69g/m2,
19mm around 81 to 82g/m2,
22mm around 94 to 95g/m2.
22mm around 107 to 108g/m2.
30mm around 129 to 130g/m2

From the fabric data, you can obviously see 30mm is top, 16mm is basic quality. so 16mm is thinner and 30mm is thicker. More thickers means more hard feeling, thinner one more soft if do same fabric after treatment.

Soft fabric , there easily be damaged after stretch, hard one not, so mostly thinner fabric we make it a little bit hard, thicker make it more soft . But whatever how we do, the thinner one must soft than thicker one. and some clients ,because they have many years silk selling experiences, they requests a little bit hard feeling to make fabric more durable.

so hard feeling silk fabric not means bad, soft one not means best. We need see fabric quality.

Like you said ,so 22mm, 25mm more better ?

As a retailer or consumers, the suitable one is the best.
16mm silk pillow cases : do not have much money, but want enjoy silk feeling.

19mm silk pillow cases : the wide used quality. if you also want sell silk bedding , 19mm is your choice.
Durable and nice for silk bedding sets match.

22mm & 25mm silk pillow cases: have silk pillowcase , but want increase silk pillowcase line, 22mm or 25mm is your choice. Or your target consumers are the one who want high quality sleeping time or who care about their face ,willing to pay more.

30mm silk pillow cases: The one who want highest quality life and willing to pay more to find best. and must top quality.

so choose which momme as your products depends on your target consumers.

As per market feedbacks and datas, Guess which quality silk fabric is best selling? 16mm and 19mm. then 22mm, 25mm, 30mm. 16mm /19mm are best ,because ,except silk pillowcovers, many printing or solid silk pajamas/nightgown are 16mm/19mm.

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