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    Silk Pillowcase

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Silk Pillowcases' fabric Quality

  • Based on Silk Fabric yarns, silk fabric have different momme. Widely used for silk pillowcases are below:
    16 Momme Silk Pillowcase
    19 Momme Silk Pillowcase
    22 Momme Silk Pillowcase
    25 Momme Silk Pillowcase
    30 Momme Silk Pillowcase
  • Simple to understand 'Momme', higher momme use higher quantity silk yarns, silk fabric durable more, price higher more.
    Durable: 16 momme < 19 Momme < 22 Momme < 25 Momme < 30 Momme
    Luxury: 16 momme < 19 Momme < 22 Momme < 25 Momme < 30 Momme
    Price: 16 momme < 19 Momme < 22 Momme < 25 Momme < 30 Momme
    Benefits: All pillowcase ae Same.
wholesale silk pillowcase

Wholesale Silk Pillowcase

  • Each Market website Silk Pillowcase, we support 1 piece wholesale.
  • Each Pillowcase listing have stock color sheet, any colors on sheet available for option.
wholesale silk pillowcase

Custom Pillowcase

  • Size: If all size we currently supply online do not meet requests, please contact us requests price.
  • Custom Pillowcase with Brand:
    a. Custom brand label: No MOQ for pillow case. Only need pay label cost.
    b. Custom brand hang tag: No MOQ for pillowcases. Only need pay hang tag cost.
    c. Embroidery logo: 50 pieces per color.
    d. Custom Pattern silk products requests MOQ, please send detailed requests, then we work out for you.
  • Sample Available.
  • Custom silk pillowcase

    Silk Pillowcase Stitching

  • Custom silk pillowcase

    Silk Pillowcase Inspection

  • Custom silk pillowcase

    Silk Pillowcase Packing

Popular Size & Quality in Market

China Professional silk pillowcase manufacturer, produce 100% mulberry silk pillowcase in 16/19/22/25/30 Momme, wholesale pillowcase no MOQ, custom pillowcase low MOQ, in any size.  Envelope / Hidden Zip / Oxford
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wholesale silk pillowcase

Bulk Pillowcase Price

Above link online wholesale price are mix color price, like 10 pieces in 10 colors also available. If there need 1 color big quantity, please contact us to have price.

Who we are? and What we do?

SilkHome, Professional supply online wholesale silk pillowcase custom. We are China Silk Factory, professional silk pillowcase manufacturer.

  • Premium quality Silk Pillowcases made of 100% Mulberry Silk for a luxurious, soft touch and lots of silk benefits for skin
  • Wide range of Multi Colors pillowcases to choose from that will never go out of style.
    No minimum order quantity required when buying in wholesale silk pillowcases, great for small businesses and start-ups.
  • Flexible customize pillowcase options with low minimum order quantity, saving time and money on each order.
  • Excellent Production workers & Supply Chain Managment Team, Professional from all company members.

Satin VS Real Silk VS Vegan Silk

Real Silk Fabric : quality made by 100% mulberry silk.
Satin Fabric : Satin is Polyester. Do not have silk benefits. Cheap fabric, nothing about luxury.
Vegan Silk : Nothing about silk. It is Tencel or Bamboo fabric.

Are silk pillowcases really better for skin?

Our silk pillowcase is made from 100% mulberry silk pillowcase, which can help you get a good night’s sleep. 100% natural and hypoallergenic, it is safe for long-term use and will not irritate your skin.

100% mulberry silk for your ultimate beauty sleep. Ditch those cotton pillows and get some silk! Our silk pillow cases are the perfect way to enjoy luxury sleep from 100% mulberry silk. It has a cool touch and softness that is not easy to find. The silk pillowcase will make your sleep healthy and smooth, it will also help you get rid of wrinkles in the eye area and on the face - all without putting any chemicals on your skin!

Mulberry silk pillowcases are the best way to prevent wrinkles and keep your face moisturized with natural oil. What's more, they are also a great choice for people with sensitive skin, allergies, acne, or rosacea. Our silk pillowcases will put on any type of pillow in seconds.

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