Package for Silk Scrunchies Silk hairband

Silk scrunchies package can be below:

1)FREE opp bag

2)Free white gazue bag

3) Customized Box

4) Mini Silk Scrunchies. If we pack all in big plastic bag, this will much much save shipping cost. 


  • Shipping cost as per package, free package or silk pouch shipping cost is lower than gift box. As box package size is big, shipping volume weight is big, so cost is higher. In my opinoin, if you need small quanitty, consider of cost, we recommend free package or silk pouch ,then you buy box in local, in this case, will much save your cost.
  • If you order big quantity or customized package like box, please contact us to get quotes and shipping cost. Kindly rememeber send mail with detailed requests.

Brand information on Silk Scrunchy:

  • Brand label on scrunchy
  • Brand hangtag
  • Brand stickers on free bag


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