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30mm Silk Pillowcase Zip Standard

30mm Silk Pillowcase Zip Standard

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custom silk pillowcase


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wholesale silk pillowcases


Why & how we do silk pillowcase wholesale?

Our OEM sales team received much inquiries about small order wholesale and customized small order. then build our team to start small order service.

How do we do mulberry silk pillowcase wholesale?

  • All online listing available for small orders.
  • Find wholesale price on each listing.
  • Find color you like
  • Tell us your requests
  • help you solve all questions of custom silk pillowcase/ wholesale silk pillowcase
  • Help solve shipping issues


Why select 30 momme silk pillowcase?

100% Mulberry silk pillow cases Grade 6A
Super soft and comfortable, Have all silk fabric benefits
Competitive price, the best widely used & best seller quality
30 momme silk pillowcase is top luxury silk pillowcase.

Why order silk pillowcase from our factory?

Only use 100% mulberry silk Grade high quality fabric.
Custom silk pillow cases low minimum and multi color in stock.
1 piece wholesale silk pillowcase, any quantity available production.
White color Queen silk pillow case as regular stock, order this pillowcase, ship out 3 working days.
Professional production team - Fast sample & lead time-custom any size available.
Professional sales service team - Great Service.
Old OEM factory- help you understand silk market.

Are silk pillowcases really better for skin?

30 momme silk pillowcase is the top luxurious mulberry silk pillowcase.
The natural fibers in luxury silk pillow case are hypoallergenic, while still being highly breathable. Silk makes for a more restful sleep with benefits that last all day.

Mulberry silk pillowcases can help you enjoy a real good night's sleep! Discover the benefits of silk pillowcases for your bedtime routine! Smooth, breathable, and hypoallergenic, our 100% pure silk is crafted from the finest Mulberry silk thread.

Silk helps temperature regulation and reduces perspiration so you don't wake up with a wet pillowcase or skin. It also helps to regulate skin moisture levels and helps irritations such as acne. Real Silk Pillowcases is breathable, hypoallergenic and perfect for people with sensitive skin or sleep conditions. Silk is also nature's best insect repellent! It offers a luxurious sleep experience which is gentle on your skin, and it helps to prevent wrinkles and premature aging. Wake up feeling refreshed and beautiful every day! Our 100 silk pillowcases will put on any type of pillow in seconds.

Silk or Satin pillowcase VS Vegan Silk VS Real Silk

From factory side, there doesn't have satin silk or Vegan silk. Factory only have 100% mulberry silk which called silk simply. Whatever satin silk or vegan silk, both are not real silk. Satin silk actually are polyester, satin is a kinds of woven fabric method. Satin polyester fabric surface also looks shiny. If you put silk and satin polyester together, you will find satin polyester shiny looks cheap. Vegan silk is bamboo or Tencel fabric. Bamboo and Tencel fabric, 1st fabric touch filling is cold feeling, its touch feeling like silk. But All silk fabric benefits are from silk fiber. so satin polyester or bamboo or Tencel fabric do not have silk benefits. Totally different. If you want test silk fabric, please click to get details.

16 momme vs 19 momme vs 22 momme vs 25 momme vs 30 momme silk pillowcase

Made with charmeuse weave makes silk fabric shiny, soft and luxury. Generally, for silk pillowcase, we have 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm silk fabric. Momme is mm. It is silk fabric quality. More higher momme, more luxury, more silk yarns be used, fabric more thicker, price more higher. But not means more silk benefits. Based on market, 19 momme and 22 momme are best widely used, then 25 momme, 16 momme, 30 momme. Take which momme for your consumers depends on your market and competitor.

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  • Small Quantity Wholesale

    All online silk products stock colors available for 1 piece wholesale. Wholesale price on each listing, please stay in a page two seconds more to make page load totally to check price.

    Please contact us to get color sheet for color choice, and we will make order for you, tell us requests, we will do all works, you only need check and approve.

  • Custom Brand

    Custom Brand label on products, silk products No MOQ, you only need pay label cost.
    Custom Logo embroidery on silk products requests per color per style 50pieces.
    For trier order, suggest you do brand label to save cost.

  • North America Market

    Target Market:

    USA, Canada, Mexcio
    If targe market here,

    Please check 
  • Europe Market

    Target Market: UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland etc.

    If target market here,

    Please check 
  • Asia & Oceania Market

    Target Market:Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, China Hongkong

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