Silk Bonnet Double side

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  • 100% Mulberry Silk Durable 19momme-Grade 6A Silk
  • Double side Silk fabric
  • Style: Classic / Adjustable drawing string
  • Size: Classic style suitable for 55 to 58cm headsize.                                                           Adjustable drawing string for any head size
  • Packed into free bag(without brand stickers)
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    • Silk Bonnet wholesale 1piece start
    • You can find wholesale price in this page. (Wholesale price excludes shipping cost and s any accessories, only silk hair wraps.)

    Online Wholesale Price are mix color price, if quantity like per color 500pcs or more, price can be negoicated.

    Care & Tips:
    • If no special requests ,please order directly and mark each color quantity.
    • How to wash silk? Please read wash instruction.
    • Which momme silk fabric we should take? Please read
    • Satin is silk? No, Satin is 100 polyester. Silk fabric testing method.

    Both inside and outside of Silk Sleep Cap is made of 6A Grade 100% pure mulberry silk. Silk fabric has lowest frictional irritation to human's skin among all kinds of fibers, Providing Comfort and Aids in Hair Regrowth. BREATHABLE silk are widely acknowledged as 'human's secondary skin' and lauded as 'Queen of fibers'.

    We make the size based on thousands of tests and one size would fit most people. Adjustable drawstring can let you tie the straps tighter If you feel it loose.

    Silk hair Bonnet retains the moisture in your hair and doesn't dry them out, helps re-growth and not break while sleeping. This Silk bonnet keeps your hairstyle fresh looking, and prevents loss of hair and wake up with no frizz.