Silk Hair Pin

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Our Silk Hair Pins are Made of 100% Real Natural Pure Silk Charmeuse wraped square pins. 100 mulberry Silk Scrunchies are designed to be gentle on your delicate hair and it's a perfect addition to your beauty routine.

Silk fibers have a very similar structure with that of the human hair, helps reduce hair damage, the smooth surface of silk will minimize the chance of hair getting caught.

Elegant design make it perfect choice for your daily modelling. You can wear them when you go to work or school, do sports, party, ceremony, traveling, hang out. Then can make your hair styling more eye-catching.
The listing price for:
  • Fabric: 100 mulberry silk fabric durable 19momme
  • Size: around 7cm length
  • packed in Gazue bag or Free OPP bag or polyester bag(No labels/no hangtag/ no brand stickers)
  • shipping

If you directly order online without contact us or mark any requests, we will send products as above information. Any speacial requests ,please contact us.

Anything else we can do?

  • If no special requests ,please order directly and mark each color quantity.
  • If requests  Brand label or Hangtag or coin on silk hairpin also available.
  • How many kinds of package do you have? We have muli packages ,please read package
  • How to wash silk? Please read wash instruction.
  • Satin is silk? No, Satin is 100 polyester. Silk fabric testing method.
  • ALL wholesale price not includes shipping cost, Only silk scrunchies ,not includes any accessories.
  • Pack suggestion: Generally, 1pieces or 3pieces or 5pieces as as pack.