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Silk Scrunchies big Bow

Silk Scrunchies big Bow

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We are a professional silk scrunchies manufacturer offering a wide range of styles to choose from. Our Silk Scrunchies big Bow are made from 100% mulberry silk with 19 Momme, ensuring quality and durability. We have a diverse range of colors in stock, including 96 solid colors and 2 leopards, totaling 98 color options.

We offer wholesale silk scrunchies with no minimum order quantity, making it easier for our clients to get started. Additionally, for those looking for custom silk scrunchies, we provide options for custom brand labels, hang tags, and custom patterns with varying minimum order quantities. Our products undergo SGS/ITS testing to ensure quality, and we provide samples to give our clients peace of mind.

Custom brand labels and hang tags are available with no minimum order quantity, with only the cost of the label or hang tag needing to be paid. Trust us to provide you with high-quality silk scrunchies that are sure to impress.

 This listing show you 5000 pieces Mix color price. 

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