Superior Shiny Silk Pillowcase

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Superior Shiny Silk Pillowcases are still made of 100 mulberry silk. Different with regular silk pillowcases are it is very shiny of the Surface.

Both have same Quality silk fabric grey cloth, the different is the treatment of grey cloth and methods of color dyeing. This methods cause the costs is higher than regular silk fabric. Simply, Same Quantity silk fabric, Superior one need more space and time. More Shiny Silk Surface let you have more luxurious Silk Touch Feeling.

Both have same silk benefits, Please kindly remember silk benefits comes from silk fabric's fiber, the natural silk fiber.

All Regular Silk Fabric have stock fabric, this cause there is no Minimum Quantity Requests, all online silk products no minimum. you can check wholesale price on each products pages.

Superior Shiny Silk Fabric, there is only have Natural White(Ivory) color as common stocks fabric. This cause only white color products no minimum. Other colors are requests minimum, per color 200pieces based on 50*75cm. Customized color, you can choose color from our stock color sheet or any color numbers on Pantone TPX.

Superior Shiny Silk Fabric still have 19momme, 22momme, 25momme, 30 momme.

If you like to have Superior Shiny Mulberry Silk Pillowcases, please contact us to have price.