Silk Scrunchies French Minnie Classic

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This French Minnie Classic Silk scrunchies, same classic style, but with small circle, it's suitable for the one who need decorate your style or who have less hair. Same with other styles, gentle on your delicate hair. Our cutting fabric ways use more high quality fabric, but it is real never damage your hair.

When our designer design this french style classic silk scrunchies, we find the scrunchies shape like a sakura. Sakura means love, pure and happiness, we hope this beautiful silk scrunchies will make your style more charming, more elengence.

Wholesale Silk Hair scrunchies start from 1 piece, you can find hair scrunchies wholesale price in this page.

The listing price for :

  • Fabric: 100 mulberry silk fabric durable 19momme
  • Size: French Minnie Classic
  • packed in Gazue bag or Free OPP bag or polyester bag(No labels/no hangtag/ no brand stickers)
  • shipping

If you directly order online without contact us or mark any requests, we will send products as above information. Any speacial requests ,please contact us.

  • About Brand label tag

Whatever do single color brand label or brand label background color same with scrunchies, both available for production. Only, If consider of cost, single color can save cost. The Best save cost way is do hantag to fit all products. Any questions just contact us. 

Anything else we can do?

  • If no special requests ,please order directly and mark each color quantity.
  • Please label & Package to check which labels or package you need.
  • How to wash silk? Please read wash instruction.
  • Satin is silk? No, Satin is 100 polyester. Silk fabric testing method.
  • ALL wholesale price not includes shipping cost, Only silk scrunchies ,not includes any accessories.
  • Pack suggestion: Generally, 1pieces or 3pieces or 5pieces as as pack.
  • Custom 22 momme Silk Scrunchies available, per color per style requests 50pieces minimum. Stock 22 momme fabric available