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Silk Scrunchies French Minnie Classic

Silk Scrunchies French Minnie Classic

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As a professional silk scrunchies manufacturer, we offer a diverse range of silk hair scrunchies in many styles. This listing highlights our Silk Scrunchies French Minnie Classic, which is crafted entirely from 100% mulberry silk 19 Momme. We're proud to offer this product in a whopping 98 colors, including 96 solid shades and 2 unique leopard prints.

For those seeking wholesale silk scrunchies, we have a low barrier to entry with no minimum order quantity required. This means you can place an order for any quantity based on your budget.

For custom silk scrunchies orders, we offer many options including custom brand labels, hang tags, and patterns, each with different minimum order quantities. We also provide samples and guarantee quality by passing SGS/ITS testing. With our custom brand label option, there's no minimum order quantity to worry about - you only need to cover the cost of the label. Similarly, there's no minimum order quantity for our custom brand hang tags, and you'll only need to pay for the tags themselves. Custom pattern requests MOQ, send your requests, we will work out for you.

Depending on your order quantity, production time may range from 10 to 45 days. As professional Silk hair scrunchies suppliers and manufacturers, we take great pride in providing our customers with exceptional products and excellent customer service.

Our North America Website, Europe Website, and Asia & Oceania Website have wholesale prices listed on each product page. If you have any difficulty finding them, our customer service team is always available to help. Online wholesale prices are based on quantities ranging from 1 to 10,000 pieces, with mix-color pricing. However, if you require a large quantity of one color, we're willing to negotiate a price that suits your needs.

This Page USD1.35/piece for 5000piece and mix color price.

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